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Mixed Martial Arts or MMA for short, gives you an opportunity to train like elite fighters and get in phenomenal shape at the same time! MMA training combines a multitude of combative sports and martial arts. Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing builds great striking, footwork, and head movement, while wrestling hones your skills on clinch fighting and takedowns. And don’t forget Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for when the fight goes to the ground! Combine all of these for the best workout on the planet!

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What's Makes Us Richmond's Best For MMA Training?


Our team is dedicated to the highest quality instruction for people of all ages and backgrounds. Our MMA program includes concepts and skills from a variety of combative sports like Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, and BJJ to give you the best workout in the shortest amount of time! You can expect classes to start with a warmup, then we move into skillwork, heavybag, mittwork, grappling drills and groundfighting skills that will leave you feeling exhausted but ready for more!

At Lone Star Karate & Self Defense, we're helping everyone in Richmond learn how to: 

  • Use striking skills against an skill opponent

  • Learn to handle yourself no matter where the fight goes

  • Become more confident in your ability

  • Get in the best shape of your life

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Get more out of your workouts than you ever thought possible. At Lone Star Karate & Self Defense, our MMA classes are helping people all across Richmond stay in great shape and learn how to defend themselves in any situation.

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